Iconic Commercial Property

The Chambers

The Chambers at the IconicKohinoor Square receives its OC. Get ready to upgrade to a premium office space, in one of the tallest Commercial Towers in India.

The Iconic Kohinoor Square

The Iconic Kohinoor Square Pillarless architecture, fastest vertical transmission, ample parking, and you can expect more premium facilities with The Chambers at Kohinoor Square.

10 things that make Kohinoor Square unique

Prime location, spectacular views, an architectural masterpiece and more. Discover what all Kohinoor Square has to offer

An interview with Kiran Ganti, Partner G A Design Consultants LLP

The inspiration behind the resplendent lighting design for Kohinoor Square.

High speed elevators powered by state-of-the-art Compass Navigation System

The Compass Navigation System at Kohinoor Square ensures minimum wait time even while serving peak load traffic of up to 9000 occupants. Sandeep Shikre talks in detail about the unique Vertical Transmission System at Kohinoor Square.

Parking Facilities at Kohinoor Square

The planning of parking at Kohinoor Square not only ensures comfortable conventional parking for everyone, but also takes care that it does not add to the congestion of its Dadar neighbourhood. Sandeep Shikre tells us more about the planning that went in to the parking solution at Kohinoor Square.

Kohinoor Square Pillarless Architecture & Views

The architecture of Kohinoor Square is similar to other iconic towers around the world. This unique architecture ensures great views, a pillar less open floor plate and ample sunlight for its occupants. Sandeep Shikre tells us more about the unique architectural design that delivers this.


The central location of Kohinoor Square ensures great views, a congestion-free experience and quick access to transport hubs and business districts. Let’s hear it from the chief architect Sandeep Shikre.

Why is Kohinoor Square so called

Inspired by the concept of town square from the olden days, situated in the centre of the city, Kohinoor Square offers high-end retail and F&B, hospitality, recreational space and more

Kohinoor chambers

Prime location, iconic structure, premium office spaces and lots more. Know why The Chambers at Kohinoor Square is an ideal investment for you.

Kohinoor neighbourhood

Along with the amenities, the architectural beauty of Kohinoor Square with its spectacular glass facade is environment-friendly. Here is why you should invest in Kohinoor Square.

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